Wrapped in Gold

by Maybe Not

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released March 5, 2015



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Maybe Not Lawrence, Kansas

Chandelier Shakers


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Track Name: Spoon in Mouth
I felt so cold when I wrapped myself up in gold
It's the saddest story ever told
I had money and still got old
And all the while, staring at your bourgeois smile that stretches out miles and miles
Dancing in your socks for a while

So I spent my dime
I step out of the line
Twinkling, twirling stuck in time I reach out my arms and I hold the wire
I tried to hold on for so long you see but there is something wrong with me
And there could always be

Let's leave right now
The chandelier's coming down
And I know you'd never want to crowd
A room of people all too proud
and all the while, staring at your hippie smile
that once stretched out 7 miles
a solemn hymn, a lonely child

I'm leaving now for something second hand
You can join me too if you think you can!
The city's brighter from Burnette's mound
a car radio is the only sound
Track Name: Hands (So I Can)
I cut my hands so I can make a puddle in the basement of a cornershop that’s in your eyes
And when I leave I come out dreaming of a vividness that’s creaking down the corridors of my hometown

Well, look what I found!
You built me up just to put me back on solid ground!
Still I was irked at all the pettiness around!
Am I still strolling or is something moving underground?

I use my ears so I hear little footsteps when you walk near
And peruse around my head for days
And when you leave I wake up dreaming of a vividness that’s creaking down the dirty streets of my hometown

I don’t know which way I’m going to
You always had a different tinted view
That would tend to seemingly misconstrue
All the points you suddenly claimed to use
And you’re walking now with your fancy crew
And you’re flanked by some ruined Polo dudes
This is not the soul that I once knew
When cities slept on sidewalks in my room
Track Name: Dinner Theatre
Fade in
On a cold November Sky
Pan out
To the well that's running dry
Best Direction
Accept trophies without a tear
Credits rolling
Lights go up on another year

Brilliance was served
At the dinner theatre
On my fourth or third
Wishing she could be here
Numbers passing
Their dancing always looks the same
She's upstairs laughing
I feel it's still John Brown to blame

Through all the bad jokes, through all of the glacial years
Let's move to the coast and hope that we meet out there
While sitting on roofs the nightlife is still clear
But we stay in a dream because it keeps us here